Small Business Growth Strategy

Scaling your Small business

Are you ready to scale?

Congratulations on getting to this critical milestone in your business. As the business grows, it is hard to manage everything. This is where you need structure and a pain-free accounting process in place. We understand, as we are scaling as a business too! Our small business strategy session is specifically designed to help you have the right accounting process in place to plan for the growth of your business. Let’s go through where you are now, where you want to go, and build a plan (together) to get you there.


Do you feel like you are paying too much in tax? Let’s go through your financials to see how we can improve your tax situation. You don’t want to be donating extra money to the Government. You’ll need this money to scale your business.

Are you in the right business structure and are you being paid from your business, tax effectively? As your business grows, the initial structure may no longer be adequate. To enable your business to scale faster, it is fundamental that you are in the right business structure.

Let’s do a full review of your tax situation. We will then answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations that you could implement straight away.


Are you struggling to understand the overall financial health of the business? Do you owe the Australian Taxation Office and other suppliers’ money and are not sure how to proactively manage it?

Do you need more staff so you can scale but don’t know if your business can afford it? Or perhaps you would like to take cash out of the business but aren’t sure of the consequences?

This can be stressful, but with the right plan and guidance, it doesn’t need to be. Let’s do a review of the current financial reports and we will provide you with key action items to manage your growth process.


Your current accountant may have told you that you made X amount of profit and now you owe X amount in tax. The conversation usually happens many months after the year end, but you have no idea where the cash from all this profit went. Sound familiar?

Let’s go through a proven system that not only ensures you set your taxes aside regularly, but it will also enable you to take profits from your business on a consistent basis.

No more surprises, and complete financial foresight of your business. That’s what we call proactive accounting!

Sounds like a better night’s sleep too!


Our small business review strategy session includes:

  • Up to 2 hours consultation with a business expert, where we:
    • Review your tax situation and provide recommendations
    • Review business structure options
    • Discuss financial scoreboards so you always know the financial health of the business
    • Q&A – ask us anything about accounting and business financials
  • 30 minutes pre-work review on:
    • Business financial health check
    • Your accounting software/systems and provide recommendations on automating tasks saving you hours of paperwork and inefficiencies

A tax-deductible investment of only $775 +GST

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